Therapeutic Massage

Holistic Therapeutic Massage

Whether you are in need of some deep relaxation, relief from chronic pain and health challenges, deep holding patterns, anxiety, depression or emotional stress, I will help create a session just for you.

I combine a variety of healing modalities, including but not limited to energy healing, Swedish massage, myofascial release techniques, craniosacral therapy and my intuition to create a deeply relaxing experience while releasing pain and tension in the body providing relief on a deeper level. 

Enjoy aromatherapy, hot towels and hot stones incorporated at no extra charge.

*Reiki Infusion add-on is available at booking if you are interested in amplifying the benefits of your session. 

Rates- 60/75/90 Minutes- $100/$120/$150

Prenatal Massage

Specifically tailored towards the expectant mothers needs. Lymphatic drainage is incorporated on the legs and feet to assist with swelling and puffiness along with gentle Swedish strokes and therapeutic massage to calm and relax the nervous system and help relax lower back and pelvic tension. 

Lavender essential oil (pregnancy safe) can be added if desired for extra relaxation.

*Reiki Infusion add-on is available at booking if you are interested in amplifying the benefits of your session. 

Rates- 60/75/90 Minutes- $100/$120/$150

Additional Offerings

Abhyanga- (Hot Oil Massage)

60 Minutes- $100

Ayurvedic Healing Massage: This ancient massage ritual, with the heavy use of warm oil, loosens toxins in the tissues, improves circulation, lubricates the joints, restores energy and vitality, calms the mind, and leaves you feeling balanced, grounded, and aligned with your true self. It is an excellent remedy for stress relief and gentle detoxification.

white woman on massage table covered by towel receiving massage

Reiki Energy Healing

60 Minutes- $90

Reiki is the Japanese word for the universal life force energy that surrounds and flows through us. This energy travels via certain pathways in the body that can become blocked or weakened. When we find ourselves “out of balance” due to stress, illness, or a lack of energy, a Reiki treatment recharges, aligns, and harmonizes the body. 

Reiki is a safe technique that helps reduce stress, stimulate the immune system and relieve pain and symptoms of health conditions. Reiki is a deeply relaxing “hands on” system to promote healing and well being.

Reiki Massage Combo 

90 Minutes- $150 

This combines the therapeutic effects of a relaxing full body Swedish massage with the energy healing art of Reiki. Massage relaxes the physical and outer layers of the body, while Reiki relaxes the energetic body and amplifies the effects of the massage. This creates a deeply balanced, at peace and physically relaxed state of being.